The First MMA System

Vadha Kempo is a hybrid system deriving from the traditional “Mother” art of Vadha.

Vadha finds its origins in India. Vadha Kempo has evolved into one of a handful of offensive fighting styles that uses circular moves to initiate or re-direct an attack.

These circular techniques called “arcs” allow the VK practitioner to un-balance an opponent and make him vulnerable to multiple counters. Vadha Kempo incorporates all 4 ranges of fighting, kicking, striking, take downs and ground fighting. 

The founder of Vadha Kempo, Professor and Grand Master John Salvaggio, revolutionized traditional Vadha much in the same way Bruce Lee did Wing Chun and Ed Parker did Chinese Kempo.

Master Salvaggio holds Black Belt rank in Ju Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do; he also has substantial experience in various forms of Kung Fu, Shotokan, Judo, Aikido, Go Ju, Tai Chi and a form of Navy Seal training known as Bukito. Advancing Vadha in many ways, Master Salvaggio incorporated the term “Kempo” (a term which refers to the blend of hard and soft techniques) into the name of his art to signify the distinction from the traditional form.

In blending the most effective aspects of these great art forms, American Vadha Kempo was born.

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