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Hey Middletown!

We’re excited to offer SAIFA SAFE GIRLS.

This 12-week series is for 5-12th grade girls (have a child outside of this age range? Just contact us and see if they would be a good fit for the class).

As our girls go into HS and beyond, we all worry about similar things: Dating. Parties. Confidence. Giving them more independence while keeping them safe.

Our curriculum focuses on BOTH the skills to protect yourself in a threatening situation, and also the assertiveness to stay out of those situations to begin with. Research shows that carrying oneself assertively prevents attacks!

The curriculum includes:

√ Using your voice assertively (we call it the “BAD DOG!” voice)

√ Understanding and protecting personal space before someone is too close

Self-Defense techniques off multiple scenarios (wrist grabs, full body grab, hair grab, getting pushed against a locker… you name it! We also customize this based on what kids have gone through)

√ Basic strikes and kicks that are actually effective in real life

√ Carrying yourself assertively (not aggressively, not timidly) so as to not be the target that perps are looking for (there’s a ton of research on this!)

√ How to listen to, and trust, our intuition about people and situations

Individual concerns that parents/kids have

It’s a non-intimidating class and safe, comfortable environment. We empower our girls to be themselves, carry themselves with confidence, and go forward into and through their HS years knowing they are safe, protected, and amazing!

After these classes, our students have a completely different sense of confidence and how they view themselves!

Tuesdays or Thursdays at 6-6:45pm.
No Gi or uniform is required. Entry level MMA gloves, available at sporting goods stores, are recommended.

Space is limited, enroll now! Just contact us to learn more.


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