The First MMA System

By SAIFA Self Defense & Martial Arts / December 10, 2021

Vadha Kempo is a hybrid system deriving from the traditional “Mother” art of Vadha. Vadha finds its origins in India. Vadha Kempo has evolved into one of a handful of offensive fighting styles that uses circular moves to initiate or re-direct an attack. These circular techniques called “arcs” allow the VK practitioner to un-balance an…

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Girls’ Self-Defense | Middletown | New Jersey | Martial Arts

By SAIFA Self Defense & Martial Arts / September 15, 2021

Hey Middletown! We’re excited to offer SAIFA SAFE GIRLS. This 12-week series is for 5-12th grade girls (have a child outside of this age range? Just contact us and see if they would be a good fit for the class). As our girls go into HS and beyond, we all worry about similar things: Dating.…

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5 Myths about MMA and Martial Arts for Adults

By SAIFA Self Defense & Martial Arts / June 25, 2021

You love watching those UFC fights, and you’d love to know you could throw an effective punch or a kick if you had to.  There’s an inner badass in you that wants to hit stuff, but the idea of joining a karate class at this point in life is just too weird or intimidating. Here’s…

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